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New Chaparral Boats for Sale: New Chaparral Boat Inventory

SWS Marine Group is a well known dealership in Canada's boating industry where we proudly offer an extensive selection of Chaparral boats, renowned for their high quality fiberglass construction. Since its production in 1965, Chaparral has consistently demonstrated a commitment to craftsmanship and innovation, setting the standard for excellence in boat manufacturing. In Canada, boating enthusiasts have been turning to our dealership for years for a new Chaparral bowrider boat. With well sought after options due to their sleek design and superior performance, we’re confident you’ll find all you’re looking for and more. Our inventory also includes a variety of Chaparral runabout boats for sale, perfect for those seeking a versatile and stylish boating experience. Chaparral's dedication to producing quality boats aligns with our mission at SWS Marine Group to provide only the best to our customers across Canada. Whether you're a seasoned boater or new to the waters, our team is committed to helping you find the Chaparral bowrider boats for sale that’ll elevate your maritime adventures.

  • Chaparral is Where Memories Are Made

    Our diverse range of new Chaparral bowrider boats at our Canadian dealership is designed to heighten your boating experience. We cater to all boaters, from the thrill seeking adventurer to the leisurely cruiser. Our selection includes Chaparral bowrider boats for sale, perfect for those who enjoy versatility and comfort. In Canada, our lineup features models like the 2023 Chaparral 21 SURF and the 2024 Chaparral 23 SSi, which offer a blend of speed, style, and functionality. For those looking for a classic feel, our Chaparral runabout boats for sale provide timeless design with modern performance. Across Canada, we’re committed to delivering quality Chaparral boats that promise exceptional experiences on the water.

  • Discover the True Potential of Chaparral Boats in Canada

    Chaparral is celebrated across Canada for their state of the art features that elevate the boating experience to new heights. Here in Canada, our new Chaparral bowrider boats come equipped with oversized Simrad displays for effortless navigation and connectivity packages that include rearview cameras and wireless phone chargers. The Chaparral runabout boats for sale have SIO Silicone upholstery for enhanced durability and comfort, ensuring a hassle free journey on Canadian waters. These technological advancements, combined with Chaparral's innovative infinity power step swim platform, provide an unparalleled reboarding experience, making them a top choice in Canada. Chaparral's commitment to quality is evident in every Chaparral bowrider boat for sale, with hand stitched vinyl and custom leather steering wheels enhancing aesthetics and functionality. With such attention to detail, Chaparral ensures that every journey proves their love for luxury and performance.