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New Boats for Sale: New Wakeboard Boats, Ski Boats, Pontoon Boats & More

Here at SWS Marine Group, we take pride in our new boats for sale, knowing that they supply our community of Canadian boaters with one of kind solutions for their every need on the water. Regardless of whether you’re an avid adventurer or are just beginning to experience the joys of the water, our diverse fleet of new boats for sale is sure to coincide with your unique water aspirations in Canada. Our new boat models, including our wakeboard, wake surf, pontoon, bow rider, runabout, and ski boats for sale come from some of the industry’s premier brands, helping you to embark on the most challenging of water escapades with confidence. With the help of our expert boat dealers, you can buy a new boat that’ll fulfill all your water aspirations in Canada for years to come.

  • Ignite Your Adventurous Spirit in Canada With a Ski, Surf, or Wakeboard Boat for Sale

    Within recent years, more and more Canadian boaters have realized the difference between water sports boats, as they supply adventure enthusiasts with an endless array of joys and thrills on the water. Even if you’re just getting familiar with the water, wake surf and wakeboard boats for sale are equipped with state of the art technological features and amenities that cater to your unique riding style in Canada. While our fleet of wakeboard and wake surf boats for sale aim to create large, longer lasting waves, ski boats for sale help to minimize wave disturbance, allowing riders to glide seamlessly on the water. Brands such as Malobi and Axis are renowned for their ski boat, wakeboard, and wake surf boats for sale, as they’re made to deliver optimal performances in Canada without sacrificing your level of comfort and safety.

  • Sit Back & Relax With a Pontoon Boat for Sale

    With their ample deck space and comfortable amenities, there’s no wonder why pontoon boats for sale have been proliferating the Canadian waters. Especially when catering to a large family or group of friends, pontoon boats for sale are made with the utmost versatility, as they can seamlessly transition from a laid back watercraft to a high speed aquatic excursion in Canada. The innovative excellence of Barletta’s pontoons serves as the ideal complement to its timeless design, as each model is constructed with the same “DNA” that enhances your level of comfort, performance, and safety on the waters. From their adaptable floorplan options to their renowned amenities, pontoon boats for sale from Barletta are made with the Canadian boater in mind.

  • Find the Ideal Runabout or Bow Rider Boats for Sale in Canada

    Our team of Canadian boat dealers has spent years learning the ins and outs of every bow rider and runabout boat for sale we sell in our inventory, making them your most reliable source when you’re looking to buy a new boat. From the moment you enter our shop, we’ll take the time to thoroughly assess your water goals, experience level, and preferred marine environment in Canada before guiding you through our bow rider and runabout boats for sale. For quaint water explorations or fishing excursions, we recommend bowrider boats for sale, as they come with more seating options for small family or friend gatherings. Runabout boats, on the other hand, are as simple as they get, requiring minimal maintenance while being capable of performing a wide array of aquatic activities. To learn more about our inventory, visit our SWS Marine Group dealership in Canada or call us today!