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Used Boats for Sale in Saskatoon, SK: Pre-Owned Wakeboard Boats, Ski Boats, Pontoon Boats & More

For over two decades, we’ve collaborated with highly reputable brands in the boating industry to bring our Saskatoon clients top tier new and used boats for sale. Our inventory includes wake surf, wakeboard, and runabout boats for sale from brands such as Malibu, Chaparral, Barletta, Axis, and many more. Furthermore, our technicians in Saskatoon follow strict procedures to ensure our used boats for sale remain in excellent condition for our customers. This includes regular inspections of components and systems such as the engine, hull, exterior, and interior, among others. Buying a used boat from our team means your watercraft is in excellent shape for your every excursion.

  • Wakeboard & Wake Surf Boats for Sale With Reliable Engines

    Watersports activities in Saskatoon require a significant amount of power to create the necessary wake for riding. This is why we offer superior wake surf and wakeboard boats for sale with robust engines that generate strong and consistent waves, allowing riders in Saskatoon to perform tricks and maneuvers with ease. Moreover, our wakeboard and wake surf boats for sale also have reliable engines that ensure consistent performance, enabling boaters to achieve the desired speed for their maneuvers without interruption. Regardless of your budget, our inventory of wake surf and wakeboard boats for sale have reliable engines that deliver the power, performance, durability, and safety required for an optimal riding experience on the water.

  • Pontoon Boats With Premier Features for Any Event

    Pontoon boats are suitable for various water activities in Saskatoon, such as leisurely cruising, fishing, or social gatherings. This is why at SWS Marine Group, we have the best quality used pontoon boats for sale for our customers who wish to enjoy these activities or host luxurious gatherings with family and friends. Moreover, our pontoon boats for sale have a large, open deck area with ample seating capacity, providing plenty of room for passengers to relax and socialize comfortably on the Saskatoon waters.

  • Achieve Peak Performance With Our Runabout & Ski Boats for Sale

    One of the most important criteria we use when selecting our used ski boats or runabout boats for sale is the quality of construction. We provide Saskatoon residents with quality boats made from superior materials to ensure durability, reliability, and maximum performance. Furthermore, all our runabout and ski boats for sale undergo rigorous inspection and maintenance to ensure they're always in top shape. This ensures that you're fully satisfied with your choice when you buy a used boat from our Saskatoon dealership.

  • Preowned Bowrider Boats for Different Water Activities in Saskatoon

    Here at SWS Marine Group, we have used bowrider boats for sale for boating enthusiasts in Saskatoon. Our bowrider boats are suitable for various water activities such as leisurely cruising, waterskiing, wakeboarding, tubing, and more. Moreover, our bowrider boats for sale offer riders easy access to the water thanks to their low, open bow design. This makes them perfect for swimming and diving, allowing our Saskatoon clients to transition from the boat to the water and back again.