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New Boats for Sale in Edmonton, AB: New Wakeboard Boats, Ski Boats, Pontoon Boats & More

When buying a new boat, selecting the right dealer is one of the most crucial decisions. At SWS Marine Group, we’ve been serving water enthusiasts in Edmonton for over twenty years, providing high end new boats for sale. We prioritize offering wake surf, wakeboard, pontoon boats for sale, and more of the highest quality. Additionally, we collaborate with respected manufacturers in Edmonton and beyond, such as Axis, Malibu, and Chaparral boats, renowned for creating durable, reliable, and detailed watercrafts. When you buy a new boat from our team, you can feel confident that you're investing in a watercraft that meets the strictest standards and will provide unforgettable moments on the water.

  • Personalized Guidance for Buying New Wakeboard & Wake Surf Boats for Sale

    Our wake surf and wakeboard boats for sale in Edmonton are available in various models, types, and sizes, making the buying process daunting, particularly for first time buyers. With numerous options, selecting the ideal wakeboard or wake surf boat for sale that aligns with your needs and preferences can be challenging. This is why our Edmonton team collaborates closely with you, considering factors such as the boat's intended use and individual preferences like size, seating capacity, storage space, budget, and more to pinpoint the best wake surf or wakeboard boat for sale.

  • New Pontoon Boats that Prioritize Safety & Comfort

    Safety is a top concern for water enthusiasts in Edmonton when searching for a new boat for sale. This is why we offer premium new pontoon boats for sale from top brands like Barletta. Barletta is known for producing top quality pontoon boats, thanks to their skilled hand picked team and commitment to craftsmanship. This ensures that our new pontoon boats will deliver exceptional performance and durability over the years in Edmonton.

  • New Ski Boats With Advanced Features for Every Rider

    Here at SWS Marine Group, we offer new ski boats for sale with exceptional performance capabilities that are perfect for water skiing and tubing enthusiasts in Edmonton. Our ski boats boast powerful engines, impressive speed, and agile maneuverability, all designed to provide a thrilling experience on the water. If you're searching for new ski boats for sale with advanced features to enhance your water sports experience in Edmonton, we have options available for riders of all skill levels.

  • Ready to Go Runabout Boats in Edmonton

    Our dealership in Edmonton has new runabout boats for sale that are readily available and require no waiting times. Whether you're looking to buy a new boat for fishing, leisure cruising, or water sports activities, our runabout boats cater to various activities and are suitable for both beginners and experienced riders. Additionally, our team provides customers with valuable maintenance tips and best practices that we perform on our runabout boats for sale to keep them in optimal condition. This includes regular cleaning, engine maintenance, and storage tips to prolong your boat's lifespan and optimize its performance.

  • Bowrider Boats that Deliver Reliability & Top Performance

    We're excited to partner with esteemed brands like Chaparral to offer our customers top of the line bowrider boats for sale. Chaparral has over five decades of experience crafting high quality, technologically advanced boats. Our new bowrider boats for sale are meticulously crafted by a team of experts, many of whom are second and third generation boat builders. They utilize hands on experience and customer feedback to ensure the production of quality watercraft. Overall, our new boats for sale are meticulously built to deliver perfection, providing our clients in Edmonton with watercraft that’ll serve them reliably for years to come.