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New Boats for Sale in Kelowna, BC: New Wakeboard Boats, Ski Boats, Pontoon Boats & More

At SWS Marine Group, we’re dedicated to providing our community of Kelowna, BC boaters with exceptional solutions for all their water related needs. Our new boats for sale are designed to meet and exceed expectations, ensuring a unique and exemplary experience on the water. Whether you're a seasoned explorer or just starting to discover the wonders of the water, our wide range of brand new boats for sale in Kelowna, BC is perfectly suited to fulfill your aquatic aspirations. Our latest selection of boat models, which include wakeboard, wake surf, pontoon, bow rider, runabout, and ski boats for sale, are sourced from top tier brands in the industry. With these high quality options, you can confidently take on any water adventure. Our team of experienced boat dealers is here to help you buy a new boat to maximize your time on the Kelowna, BC waters.

  • Experience the Thrill of Kelowna, BC Waters With a Ski, Surf, or Wakeboard Boat for Sale

    In recent years, more Kelowna, BC boaters have come to appreciate the unique experience water sport boats have to offer. These watercrafts provide adventure enthusiasts with a wide range of exciting activities on the water. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider, our wake surf and wakeboard boats for sale in Kelowna, BC offer cutting edge technology and luxurious amenities to enhance your riding experience. When it comes to water sports, different boats serve different purposes. For example, wakeboard and wake surf boats for sale are designed to generate impressive, long lasting waves for an exhilarating ride. On the other hand, ski boats for sale are specifically crafted to minimize wave disturbance, providing a smooth and seamless experience for riders. Malibu and Axis are reputable for their high performance ski boats, wakeboards, and wake surf boats for sale no matter where your water adventures take you in Kelowna, BC.

  • Enjoy a Leisurely Experience with a Pontoon Boat for Sale in Kelowna, BC

    Given their generous deck space and luxurious amenities, it's no surprise that pontoon boats for sale have become increasingly popular in Kelowna, BC waters. When accommodating a large family or group of friends, our pontoon boats for sale offer exceptional versatility. They effortlessly shift from a relaxed watercraft to a thrilling high speed adventure in Kelowna, BC. Barletta's pontoon boats are crafted with an unwavering commitment to quality, ensuring a seamless blend of style and functionality. Each model is meticulously designed to elevate your boating experience, providing unparalleled comfort, impressive performance, and the utmost safety on the water. Not to mention, Barletta's pontoon boats for sale are designed with the Kelowna, BC boater in mind, offering a range of flexible floorplan options and premium amenities.

  • Discover the Perfect Runabout or Bowrider Boats for Sale in Kelowna, BC

    Our team of experienced boat dealers has dedicated years to mastering the details of every bow rider and runabout boat for sale in our inventory. This expertise makes us the most dependable choice when it comes time to buy a new boat. When you step into our shop, we'll dedicate our attention to understanding your water aspirations, level of expertise, and desired marine surroundings in Kelowna, BC. We'll then expertly navigate you through our selection of bow rider and runabout boats for sale. If you're looking for a delightful way to explore the water or enjoy a fishing trip, we suggest considering bowrider boats for sale. These boats offer various seating options, making them perfect for intimate family outings or gatherings with friends. Runabout boats, on the other hand, are incredibly straightforward, needing very little upkeep while offering a multitude of possibilities for water based fun. For more information on our services, we invite you to visit our SWS Marine Group dealership in Kelowna, BC, or call us today!