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Used Boats for Sale in Kelowna, BC: Pre-Owned Wakeboard Boats, Ski Boats, Pontoon Boats & More

Buying a used boat is not only exciting, but encourages Kelowna residents to try different water adventures. However, ensuring safety and quality should be top priorities when making such a significant investment. One of the key factors in safeguarding your purchase is choosing a trusted dealership in Kelowna. Here at SWS Marine Group, we have top quality used boats for sale for riders of all skill levels. Our inventory includes wakeboard, wake surf, and pontoon boats for sale, among many others. Not to mention, our Kelowna team follows strict standards to ensure that our used boats for sale are in excellent condition, well maintained, and reliable for different water activities.

  • High Performance Wake Surf & Wakeboard Boats for Sale

    If you and your loved ones in Kelowna enjoy gliding over the water on wakeboards or water skis, then you need our wakeboard and wake surf boats for sale. Our collection includes powerful watersports boats from industry leading brands such as Axis and Malibu. Our options are perfect for thrill seekers who love the thrill of watersports as well as families who are looking for kid friendly fun, often while utilizing our inner tubes. Therefore, when you're ready to buy a preowned wake surf or wakeboard boat for sale, our team will assist you in finding the perfect one for you. Further, our Kelowna team conducts routine inspections and maintenance to ensure that your used wakeboards or wake surf boats for sale are always in optimal condition.

  • Pontoon Boats for Sale from World Leading Manufacturers

    At SWS Marine Group, we offer the finest selection of used pontoon boats for sale from renowned brands like Barletta, known across the boating community in Kelowna for their luxurious design and high quality construction. Therefore, when you buy a used boat from our team, you'll enjoy wide, open deck designs that allow for flexible seating arrangements and plenty of storage space, making them perfect for entertaining both friends and family in Kelowna.

  • Preowned Bowrider Boats that Meet Your Needs

    Bowrider boats are among the best options on the boat market for individuals seeking something relatively small and budget friendly. Our used bowrider boats for sale are user friendly, making them extremely suitable for beginners in Kelowna. Additionally, they offer plentiful seating options at the bow and stern, making them an excellent choice for water adventures with your friends and family. Moreover, our bowrider boats for sale feature powerful sterndrives that enable you to reach higher speeds, allowing you to easily tow individuals in inner tubes, wakeboards, or water skis.

  • Runabout & Ski Boats for Sale With the Highest Level of Safety

    Quality construction is paramount when investing in a preowned runabout or ski boat for sale. This is why our team exclusively partners with reputable brands that prioritize high quality materials and industry expertise in producing ski boats and runabout boats for sale, ensuring exceptional durability and longevity. By investing in our watercraft, Kelowna boaters can trust in the reliability and performance of their watercraft for years to come. Additionally, our well constructed ski boats and runabout boats for sale are better equipped to withstand the challenges of marine environments in Kelowna, including exposure to saltwater and UV radiation.