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Used Boats for Sale in Edmonton, AB: Pre-Owned Wakeboard Boats, Ski Boats, Pontoon Boats & More

When buying a used boat, it's crucial to collaborate with a dependable and respected boat dealership in Edmonton. At SWS Marine Group, we thoroughly evaluate the condition and background of all our used boats for sale before presenting them to our customers. Whether you're in the market for a pontoon,  wake surf, or wakeboard boat for sale, rest assured that all our watercraft are in excellent condition, free from any hidden damages or mechanical issues.

  • Used Wakeboard & Wake Surf Boats for Sale With Deep V Hulls

    Our boat dealership has a variety of used wakeboard and wake surf boats for sale, all equipped with deep V hull designs. The enhanced stability the deeper V hull design provides is crucial for maintaining balance and control while towing wakeboarders or navigating rough waters in Edmonton, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable experience for your passengers. Additionally, our wake surf and wakeboard boats for sale with deep V hulls also minimize slamming or pounding through the waves, reducing the risk of jolting or discomfort for passengers. This is particularly important for Edmonton riders, who require a smooth and consistent wake to perform jumps and tricks.

  • Reliable & Well Maintained Pontoon Boats for Sale

    All our pontoon boats for sale are in good working order and ready for your water adventures in Edmonton. Our team follows a regular maintenance schedule involving routine tasks such as engine servicing, lubrication, fluid changes, and system checks. By staying proactive with maintenance, we prevent potential issues from arising and ensure the boat's reliability. This means that when you buy a used boat from us, you’re getting a watercraft in pristine condition, providing top performance, safety, and comfort during all your Edmonton water activities.

  • Buy a Preowned Ski Boat & Enjoy Versatile Water Activities

    Investing in our used boats for sale offers numerous benefits, including access to high end models, proven performance, customized features, and, most importantly, cost savings. At SWS Marine Group, we offer premium used ski boats for sale, catering to all watersports enthusiasts in Edmonton. Our used ski boats have stood the test of time, proving their reliability, durability, and resilience. This means you can confidently purchase our ski boats for sale knowing that they can handle diverse weather conditions in Edmonton and maintain their structural integrity, showcasing the quality of their construction.

  • Choose Confidence & Quality With Our Runabout Boats

    We have high end used runabout boats for sale in Edmonton, catering to both beginners and experienced water enthusiasts. Our lineup is designed to meet all boaters' needs, ensuring everyone finds the perfect watercraft. To help with your decision making process, our team offers detailed feature explanations and viewings and even schedules test rides, ensuring you can easily make a confident purchase. Finally, all our preowned runabout boats for sale come equipped with top of the line features, ensuring a fun and unforgettable boating experience in Edmonton.

  • Bowrider Boats With Comfortable Features for A Memorable Experience

    At our Edmonton dealership, we offer preowned bowrider boats for sale that boast unmatched convenience and comfortable features, making them the perfect choice for your water activities. Our used boats for sale feature spacious seating arrangements, ample storage, and easy access to the bow, providing passengers of all ages with a comfortable and versatile boating experience. Additionally, our bowrider boats for sale enable easy onboarding and offboarding, allowing you to effortlessly enjoy activities in Edmonton, such as swimming, snorkeling, and even sunbathing.