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Used Boats for Sale: Pre-Owned Wakeboard Boats, Ski Boats, Pontoon Boats & More

Throughout recent years, new and experienced mariners alike have opted to buy a used boat for all their water adventures throughout Canada. Despite their preowned status, used boats for sale are highly sought after, as they deliver the utmost value at a significantly lower price. With a steadfast dedication to our esteemed Canadian clientele, we make it a point to stock our inventory of bowrider, ski, runabout, pontoon, wake surf, and wakeboard boats for sale from brands that have proven their efficacy even through the most challenging marine climates. Our customer centric approach at SWS Marine Group helps us to tailor our services in a way that aligns with your needs and preferences, ensuring you’ll find a used boat for sale just in time for the next boating season in Canada.

  • Wakeboard, Wake Surf, & Ski Boats for Sale in Canada

    Through their high speeds and superior wake production, wakeboard, ski, and wake surf boats for sale supply adventure enthusiasts with unmatched thrills and excitement on Canadian waters. However, before buying a water sports boat, it’s essential to establish your goals on the water beforehand to ensure you end up with the best make and model. For example, wake surf and wakeboard boats for sale in Canada have an inboard engine that allows specialty water displacement to create larger, longer lasting wakes. Unlike other wakeboard and wake surf boats for sale, ski boats for sale aim to create a smooth surface that allows Canadian skiers to perform aerial tricks without too much of a splash.

  • Discover the Versatility of Bowrider and Runabout Boats for Sale

    Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or are just beginning to experience the joys of Canadian water, finding a watercraft that can satisfy your water goals is crucial. With their smaller stature, runabout and bowrider boats for sale require significantly less maintenance, allowing you to truly maximize your time on the water in Canada without sacrificing your comfort and safety. For over fifty years, Chapparal has made it a point to construct their bowrider and runabout boats for sale in a way that has the convenience of the modern boater in mind. Besides being easy to use, runabout boats and bowrider boats for sale can be utilized for various purposes, from exploring the Canadian waters to spending quality time with your closest friends.

  • Buy a Used Boat With Confidence at Our Canadian Dealership

    When looking to buy a used pontoon boat for sale, not only do you want it to be able to align with your unique needs and preferences, but you also want it to be able to withstand every challenging Canadian marine environment it comes in contact with. Luckily, at SWS Marine Group, all our pontoon boats for sale come from premier brands such as Barletta, which has proven its reputation as a reliable and durable watercraft manufacturer. Utilizing their years of experience, our Canadian boat dealers will expertly guide you through our inventory, helping you buy a used boat confidently. Discover the difference first class service makes when you trust our Canada dealership for all your boating needs!